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Schools Bowl: U18 and U15 Schools Bowl Semi Final Previews

5th March 2019
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The U18 and U15 School Bowl semi finals take place this week, though one has already taken place earlier on in the term.


While the Cup and Vase semi finals take place at Allianz Park this weekend, the Plate, despite being classed as their tier between Cup and Vase, and the Bowl semi finals take place at the home side’s schools.


The sides are playing for a place in the U18 and U15 Bowl finals, which will again take place at Worcester Warriors’ Sixways Stadium on Tuesday 19th March, sharing the stage with the U18 and U15 Plate finals. Meanwhile the Cup and Vase finals will be at Twickenham Stadium the following day, Wednesday 20th March


U18 Schools Bowl Semi Finals:


Glyn v Mount Kelly – Wednesday, 2.30pm

King’s Worcester 33-31 Ampleforth College




Glyn (London & South East A)

Quarter Final: 32-7 at Wycliffe College

Last 16: 34-15 at Watford Grammar

Round 3: 26-7 v Saint Cecilia’s

Round 2: 35-19 at Salesian

Round 1: 63-0 v Cobham International

Vase Round 1: Lost 15-10 at City of London Freemen’s


Mount Kelly (South West A)

Quarter Final: 24-14 at Ravens Wood

Last 16: 56-0 v Sheldon

Round 3: 48-0 v Clayesmore

Round 2: 47-5 at Kingsbridge

Round 1: Bye

Vase Round 1: Lost 20-0 at West Buckland


King’s Worcester (Midlands B)

Semi Final: 33-31 v Ampleforth College

Quarter Final: 36-0 v Lady Manners

Last 16: 58-15 v St Joseph’s College

Round 3: 25-24 at Bablake

Round 2: 56-7 v Prince Henry’s

Round 1: 27-5 v Worcester 6th form College

Vase Round 1: Lost 18-8 at Hereford 6th form College


Glyn host Mount Kelly on Wednesday afternoon, with the two sides playing for the chance to meet King’s Worcester at Sixways on the 19th. King’s Worcester booked their place way back in January when they beat Ampleforth College in an absolute thriller, 33-31. They were 24-7 down at half time, 31-19 down with 8 minutes left before mounting a comeback for the ages to reach Sixways.


It should be an interesting semi final on Wednesday to see which side will meet them, Glyn have been challenged throughout the competition but have come through strongly each time, while for Mount Kelly the Bowl has been a bit of a breeze until a stern test at Ravens Wood in the quarter final. The home side were unlucky not to go further in the Vase, losing narrowly to City of London Freemens, 15-10, though they will perhaps look back on that as a blessing with the chance of a trip to Sixways just inches away.


Mount Kelly’s exit was a little more resounding, 20-0 at West Buckland, but the Bowl has been an arena of dominance for them this year, their three regional games finishing 47-5, 48-0, and 56-0. Even when they were tested in the quarter finals by Ravens Wood they came through well in the end, 24-14. While not quite as dominant, Glyn have still been strong, 35-19, 26-7, 34-15, and 32-7 might not have the unqualified dominance that Mount Kelly’s results do, though 63-0 against Cobham certainly did, but they are still very strong victories in which the results demonstrate they were still the dominant side.


All in all, it suggest a brilliant semi final on Wednesday, one that King’s Worcester will doubtless be keeping a very close eye on indeed.


U15 Schools Bowl Semi Finals:


Ilkley Grammar v Hutton Grammar – Wednesday

Judd v City of London Freemen’s – Wednesday




Ilkley Grammar (North B)

Quarter Final: 13-12 at Lawrence Sherrif

Last 16: 47-5 v Spalding Grammar

Round 3: 21-17 at Queen Elizabeth’s, Hexham

Round 2: 25-10 at Roundhay

Round 1: 15-5 v King’s Pontefract

Vase Round 1: Lost 45-14 v BBG Academy


Hutton Grammar (North A)

Quarter Final: 20-10 v Hemel Hempstead

Last 16: 20-10 v Bolton

Round 3: 30-0 at Birkenhead

Round 2: 48-0 at Netherhall

Round 1: 31-24 at AKS Lytham

Vase Round 1: 24-24 v Ullswater (Out as home side)


Judd (London & South East B)

Quarter Final: 24-0 at St James’

Last 16: 22-14 at King John

Round 3: 22-12 v Emanuel

Round 2: 20-0 at Beth’s Grammar

Round 1: 19-5 at St Olave’s Grammar

Vase Round 1: Lost 34-27 v Gravesend Grammar


City of London Freemen’s (London & South East A)

Quarter Final: 45-12 at Queen Elizabeth’s, Crediton

Last 16: w/o

Round 3: 50-7 v Heathfield

Round 2: 52-10 at Ashcombe

Round 1: Bye

Vase Round 1: Lost 50-0 v Glyn


Both of the U15 Bowl semi finals take place this Wednesday, Ilkley Grammar hosting Hutton Grammar and Judd hosting City of London Freemen’s. The draw means that no matter what, we will have a North v London & South East final, with Ilkley emerging from North B and Hutton North A, while Judd came through London & South East B with City of London from London & South East A.


Ilkely had an incredibly tense quarter final at Lawrence Sherrif, just sneaking through by a point at 13-12, Hutton Grammar’s was slightly more comfortable, but still not without its moments, at 20-10 against Hemel Hempstead.


Prior to that though Ilkely had come through reasonably good contests against King’s Pontefract, Rounday, and QEHS Hexham before a brilliant display in the last 16 against Spalding Grammar, where they secured a 47-5 victory.


For Hutton meanwhile their Bowl run began in drama, for a start they were only in the Bowl after a home draw against Ullswater in the Vase opening round saw them miss out on Round 2. They then had to come through an almighty challenge at AKS Lytham in the Bowl opening round, eventually winning 31-24. Since then though their result have been as they should go, in theory, through the rounds – slightly less dominant each time. 48-0 in Round 2, 30-0 in Round 3, 20-10 in the Last 16.


Over in the other semi final Judd will look to take inspiration from their previous U18 sides who enjoyed strong Cup runs in recent times. They were knocked out of the Vase in a thriller to Gravesend Grammar, and since then have been a model of steady consistency through this U15 Vase competition, conceding just 31 points across five rounds. Their scorelines have not been spectacular, but not have they given any indication of Judd being under too much threat, 19-5, 20-0, 22-12, 22-14, 24-0. Steady consistency, the sort of rugby that is ideal as the pressure comes on in these late rounds.


City of London Freemen’s have had almost the exact opposite experience, they have been utterly dominant throughout this U15 Bowl run. Their Quarter Final saw them travel to Queen Elizabeth’s and win 45-12, prior to that they had 50-7 and 52-10 victories under their belts, they have been sensational. It is a run that is all the more impressive for how they got to the Bowl, they were given a really tough afternoon by Glyn back in Round 1 of the Vase. Since then though they have rallied brilliantly and have seized this Bowl opportunity with both hands.