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A new chapter in Schools Rugby coverage

24th July 2020
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We teased it yesterday and there will be full news next week, which will see NextGenXV launch.


Since the beginnings of Fifteen Rugby the school game has continued to grow, and the technology available has developed ever more too. Streams are becoming commonplace, access to information through social media ever more available, video content is easier to make, easier to watch, and more readily available than ever and therefore the knowledge at the fingertips of schools, players, and ourselves alike as a result of all of this ever greater.


The world, COVID 19 notwithstanding, is a smaller place too. That rise in available content on all platforms means we are more aware than ever of what is going on the New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia even at schoolboy level. Just look at the buzz across both nations that Sedbergh v Blackrock College made last year.


What does all of that mean? It means that to give you the best possible coverage and promotion of schools rugby we need to be bringing you streams, bringing you video, bringing you more content, and doing that across the world – when you tour South Africa, say, you ought to know as much about who you are facing as you would on a wet Saturday in November here, and you will.


With that in mind ourselves at XV and our partners NextGenRugga and CheersMate Productions, have come together to step up the coverage of school rugby all from one new hub called NextGenXV.


It’ll all kick off next week, but to give you an idea, here’s just a little of what you can expect:


More Live Streams

New Competitions

More Videos

Player, Team, and Matchday Highlights


News, views, previews, and roundups from the world of school rugby


Most important though, we still want to cover each and every school as much as we possibly can – whether you are one of the great schools in all of rugby or a rising star, we want to cover you, we want to hear you stories and share them. No school left behind is the mantra.


School rugby coverage and promotion is about to get bigger, better, and a whole lot more fun.


We hope you enjoy it!


All that’s left to do is cross a few fingers that we have some rugby to talk about sometime soon!